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Gareth's retreat experience

Gareth's retreat experience

This was my first retreat, and it kick started a true love for the outdoors. I now walk with a men’s mental wellbeing group, and I take part in breath-work, mindfulness, visualisation and cold-water dips. I often talk about my experience with Mind Over Mountains and encourage others to take a look - it might just help them and give clarity on things like it did for me. 

I attended the Wasdale retreat in November last year, with my good friend Chris. I’d seen it months before and had spoken quite often about how I'd love to go. My issue was the timing - it was so close to Christmas, a busy time for me, and money was tight. My priorities weren't focused on my myself - my only focus was my Christmas for my children. 

I desperately needed the break though - and knowing this, Chris bought the retreat for me. This was an incredible act of friendship. He knows me well. He knows my concerns and how things affect me. He also knew that the break would be good for me. 

Arriving at Wasdale, I was very anxious to be stepping into the unknown. But this retreat gave me everything I wanted and needed. I always spoke about getting outdoors more, and this would fulfil that - plus I was looking forward to meeting the team and sharing my issues. 

I believe that you should put everything into things like this. It’s ok to show your vulnerability, listen to others, take onboard the advice, and try the suggested strategies to see if they work for you. I did it all!  

The venue was unreal. The surroundings were amazing. I think I may have orchestrated a cold dip in the lake too... and I loved every second of it. I felt right at home. I disconnected from my busy life, just relaxed and took it all in.  

This was my first retreat, and it kick started a true love for the outdoors. I now walk with a men’s mental wellbeing group, and I take part in breath-work, mindfulness, visualisation and cold-water dips. I often talk about my experience with Mind Over Mountains and encourage others to take a look - it might just help them and give clarity on things like it did for me.