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Highlander LYRA

Book directly through Mind Over Mountains and our charity will receive a donation from our partners at HIghlander Lake District!

Named after the harmonious lyre in Greek mythology, the Lyra symbolizes balance and harmony, traits mirrored in this adventure. This 1-day quest is designed for audacious souls and adventure seekers with limited time on their hands.

Discover Your adventurous spirit in England's Lake District! Prepare for an exhilarating one-day challenge that will push your limits to the fullest! Leave behind the burden of a heavy backpack and the hassle of tenting necessities. You'll embark on this adventure with only what you can fit in your tiny backpack; everything else you need will be provided at checkpoints and the finish line.So lace up your boots, feel the thrill of the unknown, and join us in an unforgettable day of challenges, camaraderie, and triumphs amidst the breathtaking beauty of England's Lake District!


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